Painting with light

It was a cold Irish november night when my friend Jonathan, Melody and I decided to experiment an interesting photographic technique.

First, we picked an abandoned house in the middle of Wicklow mountains which we had spotted few weeks before.

It was hard to find it as it is a very isolated location and this was pretty much what we could see when we got there

We used our drones to throw ambient light on the foregrounds and backgrounds. This revealed a very interesting location with different layers.

Then we used small Led panels to “paint with light” smaller details and those places we could not reach with the drones.

We shot around 25 long exposure photos totally. Next step was to edit and compose them all together in Photoshop. This is the final result:

Our next location, a small forest nearby. We shot around 20 long exposure photos and then turned this

into this

Finally, on the way back to Dublin at 3am, we spotted a nice church and even it was not planned, we decided to stop and compose a photo there as well.

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